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a bunch of vanilla JS practice projects based on JavaScript 30 by WesBos.


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Buttons and form

When user clicks a button in HTML <button data-time="20" class="timer__button">20 Secs</button>, pass the data value into a timer() function.

function startTimer() {
 //<button data-time="20" class="timer__button">20 Secs</button>
 const seconds = parseInt(this.dataset.time); //every button has a time data

buttons.forEach(button => button.addEventListener("click", startTimer));

When user submitted a form in HTML:

<form name="customForm" id="custom">
 <input type="text" name="minutes" placeholder="Enter Minutes" />

pass the value into the timer() function and clear the textbox.

document.customForm.addEventListener("submit", function(e) {
 e.preventDefault(); //avoid reloading the page
 //<input type="text" name="minutes" placeholder="Enter Minutes" />
 const mins = this.minutes.value; //get the minutes value
 timer(mins * 60); //convert into seconds and pass into timer function
 this.reset(); // clear the textbox

Timer function

We put the timer function into a countdown variable so that we can clear it when we want to start a new timer.

let countdown;
function timer(seconds) {
 clearInterval(countdown); //clear any existing timer

 const now =; //the current time
 const then = now + seconds * 1000; // the current time (now, in ms) + the time we want our timer to be

 displayTimeLeft(seconds); //run it first to skip the extra second
 displayEndTime(then); //display the time user should be back

 countdown = setInterval(() => {
  const secondsLeft = Math.round((then - / 1000); //the time that timer left
  //check if we should stop it
  if (secondsLeft < 0) {
  displayTimeLeft(secondsLeft); //display the time left
 }, 1000); //call this every 1 second

Show the time on screen

In function timer(), there are two functions displayTimeLeft and displayEndTime for displaying the remaining time and the time to be back on screen. Function displayTimeLeft was called in function timer() to skip the lag of first second.

const timerDisplay = document.querySelector(".display__time-left");
const endTime = document.querySelector(".display__end-time");
const buttons = document.querySelectorAll("[data-time]");

function displayTimeLeft(seconds) {
 const minutes = Math.floor(seconds / 60); //get the minutes
 const remainderSeconds = seconds % 60; //get the seconds
 const display = `${minutes}:${remainderSeconds < 10 ? "0" : ""}${remainderSeconds}`; //padded 0
 document.title = display; //display in the tab
 timerDisplay.textContent = display; //display on the page

function displayEndTime(timestamp) {
 const end = new Date(timestamp); //get the time we should be back
 const hour = end.getHours(); //get the hour
 const minutes = end.getMinutes(); //get the minutes
 endTime.textContent = `Be back at ${hour < 10 ? "0" : ""}${hour}: ${minutes < 10 ? "0" : ""}${minutes}`; //padded 0