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a bunch of vanilla JS practice projects based on JavaScript 30 by WesBos.


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Starting a game

When user clicks the button in HTML <button onClick="startGame()">Start!</button>, a startGame() function is triggered.

const scoreBoard = document.querySelector(".score"); //the display score
let timeUp = false;
let score = 0;

function startGame() {
 scoreBoard.textContent = 0; //reset the display score to zero
 timeUp = false; //set the countdown flag to false
 score = 0; // reset score to 0
 peep(); //start game
 setTimeout(() => (timeUp = true), 10000); //the countdown flag is true for 10 seconds, in other words, a round lasts 10 seconds

Moles from holes

As seen in startGame() function, a function peep() is called to start animate moles from random holes.

function peep() {
 const time = randomTime(200, 1000); // set a radom time
 const hole = randomHole(holes); // select a random mole
 hole.classList.add("up"); //mole is up
 //mole is down after random time "time"
 setTimeout(() => {
  if (!timeUp) peep(); // keep calling the next mole if the game is still going
 }, time);

Here is how function randomTime() works:

function randomTime(min, max) {
 return Math.round(Math.random() * (max - min) + min); // generate a random whole number with range (min,max)

Here is how function randomHole works:

const holes = document.querySelectorAll(".hole"); //every hole has a class "hole" in HTML
let lastHole;

function randomHole(holes) {
 const index = Math.floor(Math.random() * holes.length); //random index of "holes"
 const hole = holes[index]; //the selected hole
 if (hole == lastHole) {
  return randomHole(holes); //avoid repeated hole
 lastHole = hole;
 return hole;

Hit the mole and score

Now we have our mole working, it’s time to add the scoring system.

const moles = document.querySelectorAll(".mole"); //every mole has a class "mole" in HTML

function bonk(e) {
 if (!e.isTrusted) return; //preventing cheater faking clicks
 score++; //increase the score
 this.classList.remove("up"); //mole is down after hit
 scoreBoard.textContent = score; // display the score

moles.forEach(mole => mole.addEventListener("click", bonk)); //when user clicks the mole, call "bonk"